Machida Hygienic Control Laboratory's Unique Services

An inspection agency registered with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Entrusted with overseeing the necessary inspection of foodstuffs at importation
Registered hygiene inspection facility
Entrusted with the testing of specimens such as stool and urine samples
Engaging in business activities to create a system of food safety management and audit certification for the Tokyo Metropolitan area
This is a system of certification in the Tokyo Metropolitan area for members of the food industry to support independent handling of hygiene management. Our company, as a hygiene inspection specialist, is entrusted by the municipality with granting this certification.
ISO9001 International Standard certification
A range of certification for food testing, environmental inspection, hygiene consulting, hygiene courses and training.

Other services

Stool sample delivery system
We have developed a proprietary system to reduce the management load involved with stool testing for customers in a wide range of industries. In addition to delivering containers and written reports to specified addressees, we can comply with special requests.
Free distribution of the Hygiene Communication journal
Delivered free of charge every month, our original Hygiene Communication magazine features nationwide industry news, such as food poisoning incidents and new methodologies in hygiene management, explained in clear detail for managers and food handlers.