Our Services

・Testing and inspection for conformance with Japanese law (upon importation)
Product inspections as a registered conformity assessment body to comply with the food sanitation act
(Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare/Food Sanitation Act (Product type inspection and bacteriological inspection))
Inspection categories (microbes/food)
• General bacterial population (total viable bacterial count) --foodstuffs
• Coliform bacteria --foodstuffs
• Escherichia coli (E. coli) --foodstuffs
• Lactic-acid bacilli count / ministerial ordinance concerning the ingredient standards for milk and dairy products
• Staphylococcus aureus --foodstuffs
• Bacillus cereus --foodstuffs
• Salmonella bacillus --foodstuffs
• Vibrio parahaemolyticus --foodstuffs
• Clostridium bacillus --foodstuffs
• Enterohemorrhagic E. coli 0157 --foodstuffs
• Campylobacter --foodstuffs
• Dysentery --foodstuffs
• Spore-forming bacteria
• Listeria bacillus

・Hygiene tests
MHCL uses advanced testing technology to help maintain standards of food hygiene. When performing microbial and other such inspections of food and food ingredients, it is essential to use methods suited to the particular sample under inspection. Our highly experienced staff provide inspections with specific objectives on the basis of consultation with and requests from our clients. We can also provide inspections necessary for obtaining an importation certificate or other documents related to food safety.
Test categories (microbes)
• Food Sanitation Act specification test
• Microbial inspection (food)
• Storage test (setting of best before date, etc./microbes)
• Contamination test
• Microbial test (feces/ intestinal bacteria)
• Norovirus test (feces/ intestinal bacteria)

・Hygiene consulting
We provide a comprehensive hygiene consulting service that covers hygiene inspections for factories, kitchens and other facilities, advice regarding HACCP and other hygiene management protocols, support for hygiene management manual creation, and education and lectures on the topic of hygiene.