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Privacy policy

  1. Basic principles
    All personal information handled at MHCL is managed and protected on the basis of appropriate safety measures.
    MHCL observes all laws, ordinances and standards pertaining to protection of personal information and protects such information on the basis of an in-house compliance program while continuously seeking to improve all aspects of safety in information management.
  2. Principles of information acquisition
    The personal information we hold pertaining to our clients is only that which is necessary for conducting contracted inspections and providing hygiene consulting services.
  3. Principles of information use
    Personal information acquired in the course of conducting contracted inspections or providing hygiene consulting services will be used only for the purpose of providing those services for which MHCL has been contracted.
    Inspection results may be provided to medical institutions or similar facilities at their request for the purposes of improving medical treatment. In such cases, information is never provided in a form that allows the name or other relevant information pertaining to the examinee(s) to be identified.
  4. Principles of information provision
    Third parties subcontracted with inspections or hygiene consulting services contracted by MHCL are selected on the basis of their appropriate handling of personal information, and periodic checks of this handling are conducted by MHCL. We do not provide your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so.
  5. Principles of safety management
    We take all necessary and appropriate steps to protect personal information and to avoid illegal access, loss, falsification or disclosure of this information. A system of internal responsibility is maintained and managed by a personal information protection officer.
    In the interests of ensuring appropriate protection of personal information, employees receive relevant education and training to ensure their knowledge and vigilance regarding protection of such information.
    When subcontracting an inspection contracted by MHCL or hygiene consulting service, a contract clearly defining responsibilities of contractor and contractee is entered into by both parties, and is confirmed periodically.
  6. Use of SSL
    For security purposes, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to prevent monitoring, obstruction and falsification of personal information at the time of entry of such information.

* SSL encrypts personal information to prevent interception and data falsification during transmission, thereby allowing such information to be sent with greater safety.
MHCL possesses an Extended Validation SSL Certificate from VeriSign, Inc.